My goals, aspirations, and thoughts on the future

Sometimes it takes someone you love to see the larger picture. Well, I kind of had a moment such as that this week. I was talking to my step-mom, and she suggested something for me: Get into writing competitions! The first thing that I had initially started to concentrate on was promoting myself and now I’m going to add contests and things of that sort to the list! I have looked into Writer’s Digest right now, seeing what types of contests that they have. So far, I have found a short story contest. The deadline is in December, but I think that I may still be able to pull something “out of my hat” so to speak. Short stories are always a fun way to express yourself. I like to think of them as my poetry. So, I am definitely looking forward to the next trial. I know there has to be more out there than just Writer’s Digest, but I have to start somewhere, so they are it!

I have been writing short stories most of my life, as I had explained in my very first post, but I have, unfortunately, not kept any of them. That’s okay, though. I don’t intend to recreate something that I remember from my youth. I don’t want the story to feel forced or unnatural. I want it to be organic, which is why I try my best to spend only a few days writing each one. Now, mind you, these short stories that I spend so little time on are not going to be my one of my submissions! I don’t edit them, I barely proofread them, and I don’t critique their content; I simply jot down whatever comes to my mind and in the end, I have created something that tells people a little bit about me, and how I see the world.

I’m sure that when the time comes for my story to be entered into the competition, that I will take the time to proofread, edit and critique, but that’s not for a while. For now, I will continue to post short stories every week or more onto my website and hope that one day, someone might read them and it will speak to them in a way that might change their life! That’s what my aspirations are; to touch people.

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