My first week of Discovery, Leaving me more confused…

As everybody knows, the next step to finishing a book is to share it with the masses. I, myself, have been working the last week to achieve that by starting the investigation of who to send drafts to. What I have learned thus far is that there is much more to do before it even reaches the Editor or Publisher! First and foremost, I need to tear this thing apart and edit. Then, I need to tear it apart and edit it again! Then, perhaps it will be time to find a publisher that is interested in my type of work and send them a query, which I did not know about until this week. So, before that is done, I must first find out the best approach to writing a query! Well, by one publisher I have found on the internet, a query is a specific list of things needed for her to even consider your book. First of all, she wants a pitch for the book, information about myself and my platform (which I have yet to figure out, but I have deduced that it may be about my genre, or something similar) and about 3 to 5 pages of my manuscript. She wants it to be completed as well, which is not a problem as I have just started writing the second book. She also wants to know what I have done to promote myself as well as other marketing plans I have for my work(s).

So, as you can tell, I definitely have my work cut out for myself. I have no issues writing about other people, about creating a story about someone and creating them to be these amazing, complicated creatures, but I have issues looking into myself and talking about what makes me worth the time and effort. It is most definitely something that I need to work on, but I have no problems trying!

Now, I have seen several different types of publishers, as well. One group, in particular, are self-publishers. They help you to publish your book, but you have to pay for it. Mind you, I have no problems paying for it, and trying to promote it myself, but I haven’t the funds to really accomplish such a feet! How do I publish my own book when I can’t even buy new tires for my vehicle?! There are a lot of issues with the self-publishing that I’m skeptic about overcoming. Besides the money, I haven’t the slightest idea of how to promote myself!

Well, at least I have the ball rolling in my own court. I have a lot of things to accomplish and a lot of things to do, but as the first chapter of my book states, “It has to Start Somewhere”.

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