Introduction to myself. When I discovered I could write.

Since the second grade, I knew I wanted to write. How so? Well, I can tell you! In second grade, my teacher had implemented a writing workshop that we could do for extra credit. It was something I always enjoyed and I was so very excited every time I could create something. We would go to the folders and pick an item from each. One folder was “Plots”, the other folder was “Characters” andย the third folder was “Main event”. So, we would pick one of each and create a story using those tools. The only problem was that I was too afraid to ever say them out loud, until one day… I had finally done it! I got in front of my class, my voice shaking viciously as I stood there amongst my peers and shared my creation. When I was finished, the entire class sat quietly, shocked at the story I had created before someone finally said, “So, what happens next?!” To which the rest of the class had joined in unison at the query. Could I have possibly intrigued them all so much with my story that they were literally shouting for more?! Yes, they were, and I knew right then… I’m a writer!

So, throughout the last so many years, I have indulged myself in the arts; I sing, I write, and I am an amateur photographer. Amongst them, though, the art that I have excelled in : The writing. Truthfully, I do wish that I could have saved all of those short stories written throughout the years, but I wasn’t that clever! I rid myself of them, not believing in myself that I could have written something that would appeal to the masses. So, what should you do when the realization sets in and you truly feel as if you have stories that need to be told? You write them, despite your own self-criticism and hopefully, one day someone will read your work(s) and it will touch them. So I did it; I wrote a novel, the start of four novels that I felt needed to be told. It was a story that kept beating itself against my skull, begging for release before a dear friend encouraged me to go for it. I did, and I’m so happy that I did! It’s long, but it’s my own creation. It’s a part of me, and I cherish every story inside of it. Perhaps one day, the novel will be published and my novel will be able to touch more than just my close friends, but until then… I have chosen to blog about my experiences in the publishing world. Here’s hoping they are positive blogs!


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